Shanele (3_days) wrote in home_challenge,

Christmas Goodies!

Every year we celebrate a second Thanksgiving with our family in Florence, SC. The reason is my great-grandfather (my children's great-great grandfather) is 91 years old, remarried, and spends Thanksgiving day with his wife's family - which is fine with us since they live near them. Since we met in December this year I made some Snickerdoodle cookies for him and my two younger cousins - both boys 5 and 10. I found this bags in the Target dollar bin! They were a hit!

Front with recipe.

Close up of recipe card.

Side profile.

It's so fun being so craft/domestic! :) This is the first time I haven't worked since high school for the holidays. It's so much fun and even more fun since I have my own family now.

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