moonskyfarm (moonskyfarm) wrote in home_challenge,

Help Me!

My informal, fun open house has turned into a somewhat formal luncheon! Formal as in we will all be sitting together at the table. I really would like ideas on how to make some EASY items that taste really good. I have a 6 month old to nurse and no one to really help me make anything (husband will be tending baby). I shop at Whole Foods, so if you know of anything premade there that would be good, let me know. I'm thinking of doing sandwich meat with a couple of WF breads amd fancy spreads. I'll buy dessert there because everything they make tastes better than homemade. SO, I need appetizer and side ideas ASAP. If anyone has better ideas for the "entree" other than homemade gourmet sandwiches, TELL ME! Thanks!
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